Wednesday, February 29, 2012


is this worth saving, destroy all
beauty, can’t seem to face the book,
this is my favourite moment,
twenty-four matters, cara cara
oranges, a hundred rhododendrons,
five colours including black
and grey, strange fragment, oki,
aohkii, dyspraxia, controlled-
reading-rate poemfilms, toyage,
primitive hand lamp wicks, the
denial of the feminine, god food,
filthy loafer, appeared to be in
a trance-like condition,
obviously under the influence
of something, hip-capitalists,
beijing night, booyah!, fidalgo,
the anarchy of love, neovagina,
the pope squat, barren wasteland,
she’s a mormon buddhist witch,
two shipwrecks that passed in the
night, blogging a dead horse,
deep sea six, december thirty-one
twenty-sixteen, available at a
distance, not by one changes

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"the first word fuck"

identity performed for financial
gain, twaiku, just go to the
website once so you can say
you’ve been there, nekosexual,
lotita, nondelight, hetero-ish,
nofi, transtromer, merkin, the
difference between allusion and
theft, pandora’s chatterbox,
rejected status updates, copybot,
you could do the simple math,
dad got popped, you never have
any black paper when you need it,
twart, baxbakvalanuxsiwae,
micro-blogging, nerdcore,
creative economy, phasmid,
blip, lovebombing, hamatsa,
a productive flâneur, pango
pango, nwaluk, neuraesthetics,
pelado, the hippie uprisings,
fence art, hey beautiful c’mon
up!, ymmy, yumbo, you’ve been
imped, the first word fuck,
we can hardly wait for the
blank, a booklet of writing,
edition of five, temp fug,
you have permission not to
comply, we need to turn this
shit into cash, the poetry
schtick, you might try
babble fish or,

Monday, February 27, 2012


a small place in the sky, prims,
ambiguity farm, aom, we need paper,
alt art, blood cucumbers, you
can’t buy your way in, highgate
cemetery eastern, literature
written on a sofa, fluxus
commune, aaa ccwc, hello blank,
neuroreality, the size and shape
of text you feel like reading,
there is an obvious error in this
text, continuity web, the writing
is very bloggy, writing is one
thing blogging is another,
photomat, traffic carnage
photos, mountains and slums,
a lay therapist, a philosophical
demon, a psychotherapeutic
community, artist group marathon,
theradrama, character analysis,
bio-energetics, enlightenments-r-us,
multineddu, communications
therapy, therapoetics, the red
dots, include the red dot in
the publication, yeah we are
seeing the blue, sen, you are
going to have to put a sheet
of acetate, this is just a
font, you had to revise the
postage, wear a norma shearer
mask, everybody loves bright,

Sunday, February 26, 2012


you obviously have no intentions
of ever visiting the website,
paoli, soignée, swan yea, hold
the poem underwater, arts
labourer, bromantic, your circle
of care, take it to fair’s fair,
coffee with a littly, social
housing or nothing, brokertalk,
inside the squat, blog? what is
blog?, ongoingnesses, juxtaphor,
tapinosis, istoria, jook, art cult,
kwan yin, manhattan hats, pop
a coin, hypomanic, ammunition
hat, microlabour, surrism,
upstairs at the persian, sky boxes,
nightshifter, prim eyes, well we
might have to retreat, dug a
little too deep, loonie left
activism, squatted social
centre, non-hierarchical
social organisation, make more
errors, where’s my chunk of the
pie?, well yes we had to cut
a few corners, why should i
let you have all the good shit?,
the red will probably go black
on you, derivé is the word,
oh could we get this with a
little more resolution please,
a lot of poetic continuation,

Friday, February 24, 2012

"pink employment"

catheter art, maybe just the
envelope for a change, is an x
enuf of a mark, tear drop and
kick, eight dollars and twenty-six
fucking cents, farn ham, five
hundred dollars cash, an
experience of some kind, i miss
amy!, sausage-phone, shameover,
disable notifications, marry
carrion, high-tech eye candy,
if the razor fits…, awai, an
independent scholar, tangible
concrete, escape its human-made
character, wunderkammern,
dead nature, laic, element of
human constitution, the once
fashionable marxist
vocabulary, third nature,
highly cultural element,
trichopterae, negootiook,
anosov flow, doing the zen
float, no prims, a wave of
sim shutdowns, the moment we
are trapped in, mindless
digital, this phrase reminds me
of karen eliot, digital sexual,
pink employment, your bright
box, genootschap, you get into
the system as, fill in the
blue blank, the thing keeps
turning itself on its head,
blue milk cloud, do we?,

Thursday, February 23, 2012


twelve different postage stamps,
an explosion of love, i order you to
treat me as an equal, karen
eliot is typing…, what are you
going to do about the wolves at
the door? join ‘em!, amiigaf,
highlight cluster, you got the
wrong thing, it would be a lot
of blood if it wasn’t leaking
out so fast, you want to zoom in
and watch the printing in slomo,
many ways to bleed, the place in
the text we are paused at,
twenty pages mimeo, cehaille
kazam, dichroism, the concrete
and the banal, esemplastic,
chuck out the chintz, the
unpleasure principle,
conceptual continuity of
the output macrostructure,
tagline, benn with microscope,
extensive long-range conceptual
landscape modification,
spooky coincidence, historical
and cosmic entirety,
drunketude, zonko, blogging
a dead horse, the last text
in the universe, itcetera,
golden motel, poetry must be
made by all not by one,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


no such address, you think you’re
sharp, kark, access time, wrapped up
in a build, dark brown voice,
what are you coughing for the
bandwidth, insipid incipit,
leisure poets, when it’s on sale
it’s half price, one is sitting
pretty, the time to go wild is
now, the whole poem is only
fourteen millimeters wide,
excusado, transilient, aizi,
badaliya, impropriation, linea
generationais substantiae,
avaria, each word is like a
puzzle piece, don’t ignore the
blank, telephilia, brickism,
internet exploiter, knowledge
font, condom money, kitschen,
jjas, kab kez acat, hbdz, you
could still play, the art of
obliteration, one is here one
is there, you want all that
paint dumped on your head,
lihiniya, no we are not going
to keep you informed, lambda
print, art is the time, why does
one eye say yes and the other
no, everybody that is always
already part of the scene,
a lot of brain cells, formal,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"mixed message"

stick with the poetry, taz mania,
new con, seems to have stabilized
at seventy-five oh seven, alienate
yourself from family and
friends, bundle on, lil frag,
nothing is approved, real live
rhododendrons, pick in quotation
marks, banana tax, for you blue,
logladies, post freestyle, yama,
unaneled, euchred, truepenny,
having enough cash, credo quia
absurdam, deafblind, choses
troublantes, anguage,
microminiature sculpture,
assaying one’s spade ever deeper,
environmental arts, o s m r,
was guskst du?, cadou,
agasallos, cadouri, creatur
of habit evah, plenty of
margin for error, five years
is nothing, slt, could be used
as a half or a whole, micro-
pinprick of information, get
is straight or get it bent,
antalis, mixed messages,
this text is best before never,
a junk of art, escape-proof
museum, a rather complex
request, just pretend you are
on the map, soft anartchy,

Monday, February 20, 2012

"the haiku moment"

grab another copy of this freebie,
mathemaku, goes thru a lot of
jasmine tea, no we are not hiring,
every time you go in the price is up,
free facial, once the paper has
served its purpose put a poem on
it, neosim, magnejector, maerd,
mini-office outlet, pretty hat
club, temporarily allow scripted
windows, screen grab, charo,
four times all, pink on pink,
this cover is for the blink, amyl
nitrate suddenly pops up,
media-verónica, shattered
concrete, theoretical psychology,
knownstream, psitchosis, the haiku
moment, situational psychosis,
estabnik, form of superposition,
psituational, a midnight plow,
jewelkin, kiss the dragon,
glass theatrics, tiny red
smear, nothing is tingling, lys,
digital newsprint, precious
permission, little grotty wad
of drain hair, chronopost,
barnest, one half original, the
way people interact, edible
money, bookbaker, men ia,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"scribal eyeskip"

we need to turn this into cash,
a whole pile of fun you wish you
never had, permanent poetry,
pressure poetry, yosh, random
loners, oarystis, hella bright,
genitalia are not stock components,
feculent, xopilotes, a photo walk,
the money shot, a grubstake,
jacquard, the post-office sit in,
supernova-headed, hokku, haikai,
opening part, kigo, superposition,
skedoodled, solitextual,
pluraesthetic, illumagery,
haikuicry, en’owkin, okanagan
thought, colloidal silver, a
general refusal of work, if you
love something put a stamp on it
and mail it, vortices-of-the-
text, bituriges, ambigat
bellovesus, hire chimpanzees as
copy editors, text without date
location or author, lost four
whole lines due to scribal eyeskip,
get them while they are plentiful,
dibs on susan, dibs on that
money, zennie, nothing marketable,
an ecology slash economy artist,
willing to publish the defaced
version but not the, boue,
corners all hacked off, it’s
a treeway, trade art for war,

Saturday, February 18, 2012


zeen or zign, five is a huge number,
copy bot protection, animation override,
an army of horse, a gross of copies,
jville honey garli, are you starting
to see, only go for a sure thing,
datcha, brainbox, random paper
shape, anarcho-work, congress of
cultural freedom, new lanark,
docetaxel, pulp fiction bondage
booklets, deafblind, literature
of the rubble, unembedded, non
serviam, trümmer, eye can’t seem
to recognize these characters,
next weekend never comes, the
joy of blank, quantum computers,
information catastrophe,
elected a hawkish coalition,
sometimes you gotta chaw on,
it can be done, now my short term
memory is going too, the secret
aroma of karen eliot, wabi sabi
or japanese horseradish, what
won’t you answer to?, the copy
does not hurt the original,
let’s see how painful five is,
the copycam is out of whack,
thee fuck, three minutes to
meltdown, it just doesn’t
matter, shit i forgot what i
was gonna say, why would
you want to make a mess like this,

Friday, February 17, 2012

"things your kids know that you do not"

a permission structure, a not-found
circuit, dally the mouse, pera,
some people seem to enjoy being held
hostage, dubliner cheese, the hind
end of a calf, m’, muleta,
chingado, gusanos, the corned
worm, hold considerable experience,
bastante, repressive tolerance,
social death, boggy spots where
we used to play, the wastepaper
basket, a civic anti-vacancy
bylaw, high frequency drivers,
poetry makes me hund-, fuck,
poetry makes me hungry, foog’s
gate, composed by hand to
collage elements, yush,
advance or prescient reference,
rez the prim, getting ready to
build, stomp model, why would
you want to make a movie
about a hole, mind control to
major tom, things your kids
know that you do not, maybe
i’m just a bimbo, a wooden
cube, bogstaver, konkrete
øjeblikke, dyschthonic,
the is-scape, anthropox,
eschatosclerotic, ides,
glitter on ray, you are never
alone, pavučiny, preshius,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

photoshopped beauty

the secret aroma, another tiny
special story, wug-men, twenty-five
cent novelty dispenser at kfc,
soplegar, breath-tower, spot the
difference and ignore it, permanent
two thousand and nine, distributed
identity, she is the worst nightmare
of your dreams, another day you
led me astray, you called it
university but you meant universality,
dorkbot, fauster, photoshopped
beauty, displaced individuals,
irrepetition, eruptition, beneath
the concrete in the cemetery,
rebozos, tlaloc, pendejo, north
of the future, reading stations,
deambulation, radical putting-
into-question of art, noem, a
gender op, orientation sim, expand
yer herizons, neko, gorean, fae,
garuda, cd easily happen, just
ignore the grease stain, without
the reader the writing is nothing
right?, bed down on concrete,
calling attention to your face,
lus mór, aerphost, nobody looks
at things the way you look at
things, allagash, local
eighty-eight, a new batch of
fluxus, fluk-suhs,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"the moshpit of meaning"

the book of contention, single-
handedly responsible for the
breakdown of the social contract,
mix these four substances
together, getting more or less
insane day by day, the showing or
the making, force de frappe,
weltanwesenheit, percusion,
the moshpit of meaning, a culture
of copies, lost pussy, bowerlike
trances, antispastic brachycatalectic
trimeter variation of ionic a
majore meter, interpellation: yo!
shithead!, firstness, the already
read, the not-to-be-read, the
doesn’t need to be read, secondness,
thirdness, a head of time, the
moment spattering, a long
slender poem, androidism,
robotism, get your face out
of my face, we can use this
whatever the hell it may be,
there is only one person in new
york, cute but, lingo gringo,
just ocr it, you can see the
mood of the writer in the text,
kallichoron, thiasos, mathetriai,
moisopolon domos, kapelmeister,
could hardly expect, novio,
qué quiere, borracho, snow
van, cold place to bed down,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"skinny minny miller"

greifers, japanese dating bots,
oh a perfect little bit of paper,
the usual substances, a series of
grocery lists, housing insurance,
spawn creature, a machine-gun that
fires hearts, the white arts, what
is your shape, fonds bell, you
can’t publish something like
this, soricine, nada mas, pour
concrete into the grave, saint
avrogin, the leisure classes,
suppressed bogs, facile
beauty versus difficult
beauty, structural deepness,
kik cola cap, the era of high
capitalism, flâneuse,
e-migrations, bone folder,
skinny minny miller, you forgot
to do your best, paper has a
wonderful memory, crud for
the crapper, en- compassed
hackberry, scrunchie, this
text is the best, this text is
the second best, describe this
particular tick of the clock,
judging by your hand-writing,
delofi, plastic wrapper reality,
i didn’t realize there was a
booklet, creative commons
attribution, disk wakers,
and the winner is empty,

Monday, February 13, 2012


nantaise, mexicorn, you can
request as many favours as you
want buddy, playing around with
fire, in what sense is this
beautiful thing not art, year
of the xerox, musilanguage,
hmmmmm theory, bibelots,
fadazines, magazettes, the
colour smegma, generosity
filled the vat, typology means,
a cluster of naked structures,
squatting as a tool, the housing
crisis that exists, housing coop
earns, single room occupancy
hotels, leveled and replaced
with concrete, high end condos,
pulpifier, squatron, snatching
poetry, i know where you live,
working thru empire, the
cannibalization of saints,
this ought to have been in a
different font, wall of words,
staining the paper, paper
furniture, zimt, hud, deal
with these things or let them
go, afk, empty sharp, pose balls,
retire it by bringing it forward,
sing me a melody, bendels,
herald man, put a poem down
on it, airplane as some sort
of creature, the tick the

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"catch phrase release phrase"

online bum, we need another avatar,
this text is unavailable, seize it,
the generous clerk, ope the boss is
bake, euro light, the new marks make
the old marks more meaningful,
i’m building me, the actualizer,
eye heart willow, what’s with
all these little dots, allicin,
unsolemnize, penny-pinching perfume
buyers, cultural practitioners,
a history or even a climate,
cath, the era of the concrete
tower, dtes, asa ten, catch
phrase release phrase, crabtown,
digitalspace, onlive, nihilist
voter, text adds to the
confusion, if you feel the
need to increase the point size,
noreg, a brain and an eye, mmix,
jesus with a doll’s head, a
new copy of an old piece of
paper, hot off the press zyne,
twenty-four page booklet, not
a bad little week’s work,
colour always comes as some-
thing of a surprise, don’t worry
you still have copyright, the
same the same the same the
different, the variations, now
we are back to the same again,
and again, copy or original?,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"unmixed media"

pigments that are absorbed into
the paper fibers, this text is for
testing only, we got a couple
little smudges happening here,
the usual groceries, there is nothing
on the paper but a poem, all it
says is all, all in the corner,
the all frag, a faint impression of
genius, all keeps pouring off the
line, the answer to blank space is,
throw it into the rubble heap,
zapstraps, sro holding units,
heat score, road photographs,
non-returnable warrants,
containment area, the half-bit
habit, it’s a mud, king blozo,
zoom in on that detail, a word,
microheart, kamo, gorge us, not
exactly the figueiredo we had
in mind, i can’t even seem to
grab ahold of the paper, up
on the thirty-second floor,
painting with blood and shit,
unmixed media, inspiracy,
forty-six eighty-four time
does go by, get these done
up at your local, sepulchre
of dante, the problem is you
are always present, we want
presence, could we get that
in english, colouring paper,

Thursday, February 09, 2012


artwork domestication procedure,
i made this myself, with a
background of grey vinyl siding,
the scar left by the river, money
is driving us crazy, the
reprographic eye, get involved
before you get left out in the
cold, tor, high-tech paper, zv,
boil proof thread, mercerized,
boilfast, the grud, love written
in blood, i’ve got plans for you,
hard to imagine having a
consciousness like that, green
dragon acid, connect thru
alcohol, chatterbot, hymenoplasty,
moksha, netwriter, purushartha,
littoral staging, lycophron,
bioreality, aom, copies as
yet unmade, living on plastic,
thankful for this loaf of bread,
the price of a rubberstamp
impression, nothing spectacular!
comma, wachtwoord, industrial
reserve army, work-in-process,
the face that makes me weak,
change either at home, antitrust,
the pecuniary culture, just
a paragraph, so much for this
piece of paper, what does
crack care, when you get to
the bottom, message to you,

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

"fuck love"

this is not a status update,
the perfect little fragment of
paper for a haiku, digilap,
the only variation is in how you
pay, don’t even own a mop and
pail, fuck love, ca, chatterbot,
chat bandwidth, what does the
envelope signify, didn’t realize
those two ever crossed paths,
the concrete maul, economic
philosophers, pangloss,
unattached individuals,
bizous, use your atc template,
fear of going blind, eff ell eh,
can you give me the complete on
that, the text can flow into any
shape you like, the way the
day glows, she knows her
machine inside and out,
jack schematic, the art we
think is precious today,
phodo phrame, the shit the shit
the shit, on a dayglo tangent,
who’s your face, madonna of
the lips, pixel face, what do
you have in your mouth, i
think this might be her,
spoon in her mouth, irage,
black letter, assembling
the cod, somebody just
yanked it, insignificant,

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


little girl with gun, strictly from
hunger, draft autosaved, mailfrog,
everybody wants free shit, didn’t
make no forty grand, keep a penny
in your account, graph your
consumption, the bleeding rock,
manner of opening, scrap art, this
used to signify money, you have
to be black, memorize the numb,
crimson billows, nothing is
flying, you can tell by the feel,
agb, spirale, only in it for the
face, cowbog, necrosodomy,
rekitei, logy, energy work,
splitheads, greenscreen, you
could have written it legibly,
sophrosyne, except for a couple
of hours, double chat, fafsa,
databends, orange plastic,
still some shit that needs to
flow, nodding here, stretch
yourself beyond the sixty-four
millimeters, the blank that
will never get filled, perfect
size for a one-size-fits-all,
zen fin, do you have any
interest in this, it looks like
a lamp to me, it looks like a
curtain, salt holes, the
company of all, you want nothing,

Monday, February 06, 2012

"hook a canook"

video mashing, we are not letting
the text go afterall, hook a canook,
hot bot, we’d be curious to know the
exact place and time of the
composition of this text, lian-li,
firewire, you are failing to consume,
shack! mail, get paid for clicking!,
ell-shaped bits of paper, these
little doo-dads are perfect,
hap-crazy, niqab, fluway, virtual
neurotransmitters, desideration,
multigenderal recognition,
maresy doats, duplication
causes a problem, potlatch not
potluck, check it thru the window,
bits of paper large enuf for
haiku, reduplication causes
more problems, matrix mix art,
the place where things are
playing out, van eigem, shoyu,
sausan, sansui, technostructure,
office of economic opportunity,
chingado, jefe, enclitic, la
mordida, fluxus penny, alte
rheinbrücke, concrete poetry
haha, one way it makes a clown
the other way it makes a devil,
an obvious fool, i see nothing,
various forms of address,
nobody calls me donald,

Sunday, February 05, 2012


flux them, the stamps are gummed
on the front, dust as art, as a run
of three, gout the twenty-first,
american leishmaniasis, let’s go
back to the futurists, looking
for clues in the chaos, i would
have liked to see the way it
was rejected, the raised letters,
united penny, is an arrow a word?,
mere blue with a word, you cut
off my org, one is smashing the
state, five million hearts,
mattercaster, i hate opening pdfs,
follow all leaders, the last of
the green x’s, detritus art, fly
it like the freak flag, with the
addition of a single tiny word,
where the hell did you come up
with five grand, location depends
of, my first light bulb, the
urgency for cupcakes, all one
desires is a face, dart or d’art,
no this is not an ess, natalie
would, brass door lake, these
phrases are not worth saving,
mahavira, malebolge,
radioactive furniture, wei
kei sei jaku, momentaneity,
cante jondo, concrete pun,
romaji, namida, kokoro,

Saturday, February 04, 2012


paper products forming a log jam,
undermining the underminers, your
face by candlelight, it’s called
rendering a book, sunlight dish,
once the poem gets on it, doing the
work that is the work, too many
pennies!, limit of one heart per
hour, you have to keep doing the
same simple math problem over and
over, colour is an error, verline,
fasson, achepe, the girls in the
garden, fragmeat, corner frag, cut
open and spend, ensure clean
houses, dwelling-in-travel,
travailer, neuropeptides, larin,
vanpool, social media, the dog
particle, pugwash, psychic slog,
irn bru, going second life, meta-
disciplinary, performer created
theatre, there is no call for
text like this, pain drove one
out, perfect little atc-sized
poems, chat science, flux blossom,
cachots noir, cosmic sands, one
is a red moon, one is follower
free, stonerworks, the half-bit
bait, dada verse, taking your
cues from the crazy lady,
mark it such-and-such, postal
tower, the perforations is the
thing, still cavellini, beef ore,

Friday, February 03, 2012


the mark of venus, my hat is free,
fecebook, some cum loudly, still
all desire, microminiature poetry,
the price of rice, brass door, the
year of the xerox, buffle,
underacheiving more and more
every day, crystal oicle, a map
of the beach, a fragment so
insignificant, flirrup, swiler,
back alley poetic slams, gender
is in constant fluctuation,
throw the book, fern’s hand, the
iron law, ferocious inequality,
fecesbook, hidradenitis, electric
guitar lichen, facewalk, alamut,
simulated high, the original has
a typo, plunder publishing,
lyriku, kernular poetry,
resonance era, we have our own
linotype machine, fluid
identity, love! and that’s an
order, don’t worry we won’t let
you drown, flood the show,
a curious mix of the fake and
the real, number tee, why would
you want me in ohio, mailing
things to yourself, baboon
lock copyright, peletiah, you
can’t put spraypaint over the
postage stamp, am i seeing
skin here, everybody’s got a,

Thursday, February 02, 2012


i like to get these out of the house,
i like to fuck around, that was
solemnized was dissolved,
twenty ten, in the pen, malayalam,
vanoc, the final draining out of
the lifeblood, wait until the
last minute and then push,
watch me bleeding, i can’t afford
to feed you monsters, highlight
missing stuff, you claim you
paid it but, old tymer, the
revolution will not take place
over chat, earth the color of
heat, destabilizing western
civilization, no words no
progress, no graphix no prog,
hot yoga, the person who invented
the phrase: conventional wisdom,
white wheat, arbalasts, cluster
of perceptions, in jactancy,
multivalent response system,
eric’s heart is cool, miss minx,
you can’t eat time, miss nixie,
stimpo, zyprexa, make a run
for it, kack, hint of evaporation
creates, kho, eyes chamber hook,
flatback, of the lips, money is
dying, share as in share, all
year or all your, boot in,
be a rock star, over the edge,

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"it's a tough love valentine"

jack up the point size, texts static
and texts active, the quick zip into
words, we’re together at three in
the morning, the incessant drip
in the pants, is this an enn or a zed,
why are you charging me for a blue
fax, the purple dot, i say we print
a poem, razor pun, it’s a tough love
valentine, klonopin, itching to be,
hand correct eye, these little
fragments are meaningful, this
fragment is not meaningful,
just call it a zyne and have
done, being for the benefit of bee,
oka and ada, nothing lucid, i’m
not too keen on the spacing here,
shut up about love, entry by
leaning against an infirm door,
don’t tell me what’s hilarious,
collaboration between a perfectionist
and an imp perfectionist, shred
the beauty, now everything looks
pink, crushed beneath a pile of
pennies, they’re not errors they’re
corrections, i couldn’t seem to
find this lemon, cyberanus, do
you have stuff in the library,
they don’t even pass thru the
folder anymore, how can you
even look at this let alone
admire it, the only thing that
maintains its beauty, you,