Wednesday, August 27, 2014


kensho, discontinuation syndrome,
flash rob, myodesopsia,
saskatchewan rye, cocgb
cluster, iou mail, dododada,
new paradigmism, capite
operto esse, one grain of sand
lost, disintossicante, crazier
than thou, ono hole, se li
arbori sapèssen favellare,
vecdor, mixing mailart and
money since, psychick death,
love and death, the parry of,
moronika for morons, true
mar, twain and reagan, lestat,
neylon, allen hynek ufo,
collect all these smudges,
photos of you radar, budget
for murphy’s law, sundance
vehoe, history they enable
citizens, unmapping,
contact zone, ghosting, it’s
all one thing despite the
gap, the gap mean’s it’s two
things, chasing hundreds
of gulls, cluster root, a
penny on the walk, teleguides,
scolex, hexacanth, trenchwork,

Monday, August 25, 2014


trench sex, pickled prunes, poets
have been mysteriously silent
on the subject of cheese,
shediac, roadside booklet,
inmagine llc, república
corporal, eksperymentalnych
publikacji, diffuser, a
moreno, hase, zeitgeschehen,
she’a a great gall, energie
sparen, art is not my
business, this place is nowhere
really, an ever-fixèd mark,
whitman logo, iuoma fate,
roly crncpia crckl, paper
cookies, buntline, edgar heap
of birds, highway gothic,
griselda pollock, gungsuh
haettenschweiler, the
language of fonts, baby pop,
nymphaea lotus, job of

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"collateral estoppel"

nelumbo nucifera, good ‘ole
honey, i can’t conclude, vive
la différence, just deserts,
weihenstephaner, csrlc cluster,
atex, switch networks, e questa
vita un lampo, collateral
estoppel, concrete sleeper,
water and light, poems wanted
for songs and records, the green
bird issue, zen baby, some polo
club maybe, superblue,
maybe the paper is a clue,
one quit copying, one is still
hoping to have a big week,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


streaming single instruction
multiple data extensions two,
cryptographic hash function,
cottony cushion scale, spacious
press, mock bark, stigmeology,
corrs everybody hurts, gurdwara,
conceptual publishing, vendula,
silver washed fritillary,
dimercaprol, panti christ, red
thread paper, please let it be
blank, coocbg cluster, a
complete set of fcz’s, and now
the delivery, data furnaces,
cahun, the bad habit of being,
a humbling example for the
communist, weibos, chimichurri,
tuckamores, the hippie era the
commune, empathy circuit,
ventral striatum, exalted
human characteristic,
embodied cognition, the
white of the eye, circle the
stain, feel free to fill,
replicant elephant, van guff,
as far as the mark goes,
heeenya, evolution end point,
devolution endpoint, tetsfail,

Saturday, August 16, 2014


violetear, immedia, adinkra,
rickroll, woo kee cluster, caplets,
stmt cluster, form is never more
than an extension of content,
first-world perception, red boots,
degrees of social power, ros
pridler, free to go back, texts
for googling, bleeding concrete,
hortensias, let the blank go,
themas, a specimen of a hundred
dollar bill, how mutant, clayfish,
captain biology, sweating out
nothing, concrete snail, destroy
all art, cabezone head, mouse
yeah, onestone, concrete mail,
blissett, think green ufo,
flounder plate, the mona lisa
fish, who’s self,

Friday, August 15, 2014

"tongji infrangono"

metamagical, yoni mudra,
light tent, controlling earth
not humans, octarines, papoose
impulse, giri zangyou, you
must be thirty meters away
from any building to smoke,
hbc cluster, concentrate on
finding a place for the poem,
arte correo para el mundo,
avellaneda, the main cluster,
daikon, tonkatsu, western box,
white language, a new life
praxis, authorless documents,
top or bottom, join them all
together, polk salad annie,
tongji infrangono, rockstar
room, overspill text,

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"geoffrey hendricks"

chateau latour, retail therapy,
caguas, hallelujah haircut,
zonzera nervosa, the twenty-seven
club, ldlldl, hey porter,
cbmsccbb cluster, canadian
bank note, purple jam mess,
seekins, circular letters,
resolut, night, tie, atc sleeve,
marta belles, orlando west port,
acanthus, regenery, tee-seven,
jwc, william henry fox-talbot,
calotype, the roman army,
window speak, mere pain, oema,
zak smith, laresa kosloff,
araki, cowboy joe, geoffrey
hendricks, joshua rutherford,
memory transfer work, and a
potted plant, found dance,
connected memory event,
neo-fluxus, for blue squirrell,
pain crest, fluxus far west,
tear off here, call it
entertainment, for what matters,
justin pollari, torry pines,
concrete footprints, fa mu
lan, phe no mono n, apophatic,
de-negation, un-negation,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


polk salad, steam-assisted gravity
drainage, legowelt, ten en,
completed slip, eighteen cluster,
is that a henry moore, string
of octothorps, squeeze in poetry,
ylocce cluster, terrapin,
bananafish, that’s a hell of a
foot, the cyberlogical eye,
zeichenbuch, vox blissett,
smelts even better, new rubber
stamp business, foxford, neo
electro, toss it in the goodie
bag, jakubowski associates,
texas blackmetal, today art
is this comunnicated, don’t
give me that gogh, lilly
woodworth, artistshouse, kill
whity, stasera, l’arte è una
donna nuda, known only to
the artist, ciaburro,
nicholas johnson, jaja binx,
johson, mystic conn, hup hup,
carlos gardel, alloerotic,
flopping backwards on the
springy moss, oni, tatami,
yamanba, mukashi,
nonracialist, megantic,
wall o’ text, are we not,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"raster bar"

raster bar, eroplay, monopolka,
holy rollercoaster, booty pop,
cherotic, hailmary handshake,
cfmf, public policy, you thot
she, commun, hgb, the inside
scoop, tclg cluster, catherine
maclellan’s dad, poscharskyana,
a cluster of ova, tulse luper
suitcases, people pitched pennies,
look at the size of that rock,
lino guo, tennislehrer, rio
claro, disable interrupts,
fluxface, love is a biscuit,
ruedi wiptli, a ilha isolado,
sao joao, printed on the gum,
blank tan, beef stuck, book
calibre, personwheel, second
life explosion,

Friday, August 08, 2014

"eristic anarchy"

microlibrarian, zen tangle,
fetix, reversal processing,
eristic anarchy, cluster refuse,
monitor your levels, twenty-five
dollars twenty-five, melvin
calvin, westmount dallas, a
man of parts, cthulhu, metis,
poetics of parsimony, whaching,
the primary function of writing
is to enslave human beings,
aition, le lieu propre, from
verdana to arial, tachisme,
leave the last line empty, 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"podiceps cristatus"

personhood creativity and freedom,
wash your dirty money with my
art, ebonics, podiceps cristatus,
green sun, htow cluster, sambal
oelek, huge chrome tank,
boardwalk bowl, elvas, font
looks good enuf to eat, at me
dot com, sechiisland, the bent one
is free, kitt peak, fish on sofa,
smelts, the beaver, love is a
biscuit, leffie, heap of
particles, cabezone, six-forty-
five, five four nine eight zero,
assateague, the secret service
was in town, no smudge, by
mail with remittance, analog
tv is shutting down, mix paper,
turkey doolan, antique man,
insane days, des moines cluster,
tethys, pingwheel,

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


the wheel is obsolete, visual
experimental concrete, the wisdom
of the desert, cosmosis, macrofiche,
discipline miss, the paper got
drenched, ray cluster, the function
of the artist is to express reality
as felt, krystal seal, magicolor
twenty-five-fifty, hannah
hoch fan club, look at the
size of that rock, the penny
is dead weight, julia de
burgos, book value, trades
still to be settled, in-kind
dividends, one-sixty-one bay
street, belle nops, deesh-picking,
pelf, sheets of time, chronique
floue, dame aux camélias,
métissage, low context versus
high context languages, tong
wa, electromagnetic fields,
watch publish, alphabetical
fonts, messiah beer, micro-o,

Monday, August 04, 2014


pinging, asemic thinking, south
of no north, derstuka, red x,
mindhunter, mymru, think loco
act loco, bottle price, barth ambrose,
attilem, mcgtb cluster, the
creation of new value, saturnie
cécropia, cluster in the sky,
torpedo mail art, minaccia
bangkok, the meaning is meditate,
youngs mountain, is that a
boom, the golden mistress, a
series of black smudges,
when you finish the book buy
the next one, primary anti-
americanism, el follón,
chronobiology, zonko aka baka
washi aka billy little,
intersemiotic translation,
hélène cixous’ écriture,
external conditions in
holquist’s, the developer system,
chiorgasmic, blue-ringed
octopus, toile du jouy, squick,
aestheticon, high end club,
just for a penny, dating the
text, tincture structure,
des moines mud, micro-wheel,

Saturday, August 02, 2014


absorbption, en plein air,
anaglyph, any cluster of
tangled coat hangers, hangle
in charge episode, nonverbal
communication, aquarium
drunkard, oc cluster, ink head
lines, ambrose, uthor, twenty-
five in one, folx, glenn ligon,
decay post, narcolepsy press,
karma is a dish best served
cold, poultney, rusty staples,
robert bloch, yerkey’s hole,
husband’s coda echoes, bassa
danza, enigma cultural
hermeneutics, you who,
metis, glass hole, when were
we in qci, distribution
cluster, geropsych, carpal
tunnel of love, classpath,
let it pass but, rpo blot,

Friday, August 01, 2014


recovery point objective, twill,
bagpiping, crotte, owling, codex
calixtinus, confirmation bias,
overshare, porn rain, traveling-
wave tube, sumata, cauliflower
ears, mb cluster, just the one
thing, gonter, hades emperor of
china, blazek kryss wagner,
the ecomachine, the wilderness
of the text, shallow ecology,
resourcism, deep ecology,
arne naess, hypotheses
complement each, the noctuid
moth, lucid biocentrism, an
underwing moth, every chip,
sunflower sydnie, greensong,
burgundy zalop, air blot,