Sunday, January 21, 2007

tangle text, phd nuclear,
fear of downloading, text
jaggies sing, maxville's
demon, some other person
i forget the name of, hey
aren't you so-and-so also?,
because we would like
everyone to be together
in one place, muster, away
from, entry zero, peer-to-
peer network, internet
chat quotient, v-effekt,
opoyaz, private rotating
blank, page as constraint,
in-my-street surrealism,
too many brain cells,
second order commodification,
the canadian stall of time,
tea-sipping losers in a
world of miniatures,
lost a limb in an industrial
accident, pax canadiana,
impersonal concrete,
cement trail, not extant,
fear of litigation,
cowboy poet, sill sees,

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