Sunday, March 11, 2007

canadian economist historian, happening with the economy is contributing, confirmed by experiments with high-speed, tripalium, swingeing, porridgible, corn pone dogs, pops his hard hat, freeload highjacket settee, ticky pie, indifferentism, copied to death, a threshold of concrete, involuntary poetry, hand relief, banish the blank, ain, hamza, barzagh, nda, romance like mosquitoes, schreck, candy torts, corcel, gay cats and scenery hogs, let’s go chew some tar, ell tee dee, eye oof, a discount gentleman, cybernetic disasters, runaway positive feedback, sustained oscillation, gigadeath, oxytocin, prolactin, somatostatin, the nucleus accumbens, sucking oranges, cooking eggs on a hot, pudding dogs, prairie itch, himself the cool embrace, plop the stillness of his mind,

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