Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Nothing is the truth"

a flood of books, civilization
pathogens, a change in human
evolution, falciparal malaria,
taenid worms, neither rain, sub-
stellar companions, brown dwarf,
he's closed everything, we are
going to need some marks, a reach
of prairie, orange-cushioned thrones,
forsook considerable mailing,
esercizism, reprehensibly perfect,
use the beep in a sentence, hot
circumstance even, mumgo, lace
panty justice, buy no milk, go out
in a blaze of leaflets, orange
cooler spiked with ecstasy,
prayer wand, rightism, exigere,
face the font, you are free to
choose television, actually try
to communicate something, get
a bit of the other, the
commodification of otherness,
matte writing, anti-friend,
haptic plastic, a shift in levels,
let me see your response to this,
unidivided, we worship violence,
breaking the fence, the van
island, the non-universe,
cosumer, backyard hockey, my
frind, gazing at a wall of
toner, go blur, no need for
quotation marks, high red,

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