Monday, February 28, 2011


what does it mean, warp art,
enclosures: illness and cetera,
the brightest rooms are the secret
domain of faeces, hitler
eradicates culture, continuity
history an epic element, hidden
cells of experience, neophytism,
metasemiotics, this blank paper
might come in handy, lust flux,
hat balk, nine ooh, a penny if
you don’t look, the last moment
we were able, all we know is
all, the date is a disaster, get
weak, gaging ka-ching, what is
there to look at, do you want
me to keep flogging this dead
horse, eight and a half by
eleven blockage, she’s peeing
all over the place, burp mail,
do not send, local post, let us
see horse, the hole is making
you fall in, am sep, here comes
another penny, gander at
nothing, can you plicate er
replicate this, allah loves
plurality, bec, buc, this could
buy you six years, if we had
only stopped sooner, out of circ,
skip the text, hot silk, this has
to be freed first, we live to
relive that same moment, no
not out on the balcony at midnite,

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