Friday, June 19, 2015


hyperobjectification, men
bilong otha light, road bilong
cargo, the kontsevich integral,
stream of cuntiousness,
Ashtabula, overadministered
world, performance libido,
chimay tripel, the trappist logo,
stampsalive, chimay white cap,
pmrr, stampede carn, that’s
the end of the roll, cog
cluster, altiero spinelli,
bitewing, the revolt of ghent,
the envoys to the hopeless city,
the effect of the council
holden, ribaudeaux, cressets,
the host of the mallets,
rosebeque, jaume plensa,
mossy heath, Dylan tempest,
silly Sheehan, constant
consolation, bruxelles
independent exchange,

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