Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"ossau shankar"

the independent art world,
more concrete falls, gnome
chomps key, gyro poutine,
electronic paper, authentic
trappist product, pères
trappistes, repurpose fragment,
chimay red cap, do you want
me to try and adjust, please
share your thoughts online,
notyetification, art of the
ungrand, sill wet, i is another,
actinomycosis, temenos, god
wot cud lor, cord loot mor
torn, gut bucket scholarship,
hand squeaking, orium,
want mossy bank, fullers,
toronto couch, floppy glass,
sterilized dissection, ink
india, orange lover, ossau
shankar, three three six
five, markotic and cabri,
midnight yoga for
alcoholics, bulyea road,
anarchist bookfair,
shelf life, john snow zine,
leehwylf, this is today,
truck grain exchange,

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