Monday, November 28, 2005

non-edible s'latex, gen dra, spell

non-edible s'latex, gen dra, spell
chequing, aer hwil, video reader,
free cell, incredible sleep, patholicism,
concrete plinth, plumb the sky,
syntony, ludology, serpigo, groupoids,
voronoi tessellations, operators of recit,
nearly-decomposable hierarchies, actants,
chreod theory, a paper chaser, claimed
expertise as a historian, hair lie, a hosp,
exchange here, panmarks, boac already,
medkin, boac orange, pan exchange, a hair,
a count, help issue, your atlas, the
closest thing we have to an original, pen
tumult, extreme dust, build events,
extreme numinosum, silleret, com-zone,
phil out, prox penny, tloc ille, just bucks,
go anti, a pale replica, still unreal,
a copy of an event, extremely numinous,
com slur, proxy love, just no, do is, to
work, this one, oh yeah things passed
through, hay minutes, brightness
checker, a copy in general terms, pink
dot original, cultural nothingness, the
feel of the font, extreme books,

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