Wednesday, February 01, 2006

eye writing, equo, more than equal,

eye writing, equo, more than equal,
thrips, our names, blank for all
intense, zool, perfect ticket, save
all errors, text track, - , what will,
the machine from the inside, blank
eyes, the place where the letters
meet, a real letter, dictionary
dollars, is this a gap?, long term,
ink removal mechanism, slammin’
file cabinets, or idge, slightly
rejuiced, mexican gypsy, sign
delta, nonmagic disrealism,
not easy to read, nothing to joke,
devoid, is one a one?, fur, in
and out of reality, it’s better
because it’s not real, is this
being asked of us?, today is
to morrow, embrace the void,
as if you need the exposure,
do you really want to under
stand?, modem operandi, burin,
i have lost my identity,
composition to the ends of
historical, associationism,
silk ink, sshhh e-, :), weight
of ink, time interleaved, mar
gin, what do we remember,
every toos, milk money for all
it’s worth, hands that can
work, flip over -->, chicken
scratch, the names, i like
the idea but, sick sick sick,
two things, remember the
day, next time around, post-e,

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