Sunday, February 05, 2006

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-
wise, us paper, toner burn,
emoticonoclast, m(om)ent, mery,
excessable, remain blank,
free eye, graffiti mural, bro,
pour some more text into your
brain, file wood, categories
histories and ethnographies, copro-
duction, and this is not even
what it’s really like, how it
happen, equal portions of
black and white, heightened
coherence and efficiency,
schizogenesis, represent
nothing, signify nothing, mean
nothing, part of the web,
away of say, our errors, laber,
see letter, we all, out rest,
temperrory, i beam, eye as in
me?, footnote all of this,
serionegative, law in error,
the glass itself, snick, why
do these words keep
following us around, zero
zine, bodily takeover,
saint ate, what do you think
paper is made of?, think
impossible, live line, the
limits of one, up a notch,
rung, now we are reading this,
no bad, reredic, making
up us, mordal, foodnotes,
infernal return, rate error,
a, the book not the thing,

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