Sunday, November 12, 2006

pass me that blue hat, the owner
baby, creative suicide, nanodrugs,
search deformity, enjoy this
moment because the next is going
to be hell, let your eyes adjust to
the light, six blue poppies, lost
its cluster, hidden even confused,
a nice little orange overall, mind
and symbol societies, blank bliss,
the uniqueness of hats department
of state, scheming freedom from
labour and stone, serous, sea-
parated, no value of any kind,
chaotic and homogeneous
expansive, inflationary theory,
the inflaton field, unjin miruk,
a singularity, quantum fuzz, a
single simple boundary condition,
a small orange fish, the ttang
tree, paper of a thousand years,
algae paper, without concern for
what lies beyond the page, deep-
seeded, they begin to wear straw
hats, the amended provisions,
preventive diplomacy, crime of
having ended, humanitarian
intervention, heap of worthless
writing, collage of profound,

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