Tuesday, October 17, 2006

too late to stop, grimalkin, an
infinite landscape of universes,
loop quantum gravity theory,
doubly special relativity,
superconducting supercollider,
electronic dirt, self-determined
transactions, division avenue one
stop, cluster security officer,
ambit, immortality that is
achieved by drinking this substance,
the very poor saved up their pennies
for him, thirty-one million identities,
social disconnectivity, free hugs,
eternity high the cost, feel the oats,
one oat at a time, block the concrete,
the mistress of hams, blinks you
blank, anti-biopic, the medicine show,
compre- hensive exhibition, keep
your writing to yourself, bolder
underlining, get rid of your life,
textual poetics, too much screen
time, the science of nothing,
retire toner, this also will
deteriorate, blank toner, non-self-
excluding, the critical industry,
canonizable, along-the-wall
thinking, humanity but characters
and emotions, open your bottom,
concrete political action, complete
total pleasure, white identity,
madman theory, nishtagea,
shock therapy, radical
nationalism, archterrorist,
irrational and vindictive if
its vital interests are attacked,

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