Sunday, February 04, 2007

copy guilt, run this tape beginning,
dyssomnia, a poetry of syntax
ruptures, among clusters of
letters, cause and effect history,
extra-linguistic, prometa, why
only five copies, woodstamp, you
want the art back, next time
around the clock, thick reality,
didn’t pass away so much as,
how do you know it’s not the
real one, how will we alter
reality, what do we do with
these again, blank is for filling,
hear clearly electronic capsule,
stick the sticker someplace it
will be replicated, hat one
twelve, hsuantu, contact thru,
here’s two words we cannot join,
each scratch, if deformity,
haecceitas moment, pee turns
into be, people might go there,
how much future do you think
you have, the theory of search,
search theory, a citation classic,
spread the moss over the moral
complexities of horrific events,
fluorescent lit, txikiteo,
the un-artist, happenings,

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