Monday, February 05, 2007

pesah, saint rachon, link to
nothing, lucid facts, is it dying
away or, trance mittens, kwazy
wabbit, double-headed text,
dis omnia, s p a c I n g the letters,
nobody needs any text, your hand
reminds me of my mother’s hand,
this looks like a foot, an extreme
bad rendition, lame storm,
blorch, gaze no more, still more
we don’t know, take the top off
your head, you can imagine what
you will find, the actual top,
soil send, perique, let me
illustrate, you illustrate,
the hidden eye, tar feather
nest, strangler figs, beautiful
angel whispering in the ear,
psammites, this is me here, ham
hand, concrete universal, usira,

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