Saturday, April 21, 2007

ecoholic, echoholic, echohoholic, even the harshest of circumstances, earwax hic- cups, eryone hate crime, bokonon, karass, kan-kan, the end of hostilities in central, thunderstanding, non-phallic warfare, moss@simpnight, lamp dung, nothing is political, if you had to choose between a loophole and a noose, crumber, six up, kids up, the johnny run and scare, schoichet, parenthophilia, dropping trou, subwayland, critical legal studies, tele-urbanity, optical printing, a photographic gun, phenakistoscope, explains the history of the cinema, santos, kachina, ethno-kitsch, d├ętente, puta gusana, steampunk, hypertelic, a constant environmental hazard, everything and change happens, the notional man, a bifurcation threshold, expresses heterogeneous or conflicting, baphomet, credo quia absurdum, interactive autism, social contract theories, consensual hallucination every, excess of presence, quasi-existences, vividly concrete, mud muck moo, a final theory of everything, flatbed, an np-complete problem, metastable, the last delta-t, rear-view-mirrorism, the pentecostal translator, furrymuck, fact-space, one and one only, sooner or later everyone loses their integrity, toner pig, over to you brazil, I am gone, last sat elite, stop automatically capitalizing I,

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