Sunday, April 22, 2007

infoglutton, the labour of

looking, an isolated phrase,

abyss cave, quithink, my fake

face, mad eye sun, to finetruth,

paper: this is paper duh, ell

em en tea, opathology, how the

hand works, wouivre, wouvire,

breakcore, magical grid, save

a little room for, berzerker

sang, hedonic engineer, larynx

micro-movements, art nat tantra,

artkind, mirrorism, melos,

trance sense, szasz, niv,

organized chaos, whereabouts

unknown, toria, comp-work

sleep-work, arts wars, penny x,

processing and reprocessing,

aemulus, orange latex, a book

we might have read twenty

years ago, oat cube, how did

you hear about this project,

think globo act loco,

hindiadys, galaxy clusters,

seeing prohibited, yakshas,

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