Tuesday, March 01, 2011


forgot which end of the spectrum
was which, time slowed, yo’ nee,
penhandlung, a warmer tone, basic
doodle, latitude fall, employs
cool hunters, microtrends and
viral innovations, gustav gunk,
elaborate high-concept comedy,
human biosolids, biogas,
to geo-engineer the planet,
silversword, tripology, meat
market adventures, on the
corner of clatter and commerce,
be sure to correct your errors
no matter how insignificant,
paper is good for nothing, the
mail sat, nobody wants any
fuckin’ poetry, the needs of
the day, some blanks still
have use value, the shape of
the paper it’s on, can’t call
to mind one single poem,
can you help me do some copy
wizardry, zep eye rate, it
was illegible to begin with,
put the damn thing up, black
blob, you are only imagining
that you can read this,
clickingground, take the
image out of context, you
can almost feel the bristles,
we don’t need it all but,

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