Tuesday, January 31, 2006

off into the realm, zed, hittin' it,

off into the realm, zed, hittin’ it,
now?, still time, other write,
access to machine, adze arc,
remove a word, hear hear,
concrete fun, any non-letter,
dot period decimal, philo-
dough, atrapo, mail a thousand
pennies, survey says: post-
imp erial, writing from
canada, curiosity
human energy, needles to
say, poco loco, colourollary,
vancouvercentrism, fonds,
write in colour, on out of
the real, happy to take your
money, let’s quit the gnet,
machine writ, a word like
ziz, eye sign, waver, find
the world, know that paper
anywhere, stop the text,
idle ada, o, imp e-dance,
imp ross, costs money to
copy, inhalate, blank as
snow, logo reality, a text
is one thing (or more, make
more beautiful, putting
us in moment, eternal
renewal of the now,
word warfair, we are
not communifying, the
time being now, take
our word, waste of word,

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