Thursday, October 05, 2006

if you search for, original document
original document original
document, a word referring to a
particular moment in time, how
many times do you intend to do
this, figure out how to make the
mark, the textual risk, special
defective copy, all these goofy
fonts, unlimit the edition, what
did the other hundred do with
their’s, is that a three, identical
to the original, carry the error
forward, five copies press, bold
risk, textual poetics, revotution,
quickly proliferate, cornerstole,
seneca root, nanofluids, to mock
a killingbird, penniless in
paradise, honorificabilitude,
ova orb, a career in copying,
the book says discard, the living
author, hakata, where to go from
everywhere, the only thing that
changes is the price, suffer
through a thousand pages,
no one is making you read this,
if this book leads to that book
then, do you want to know this
stuff or, love stained pages,
where the good writing is to be
found, book luggage, the
famous page is missing, what
sort of writing are you after,
you had your chance, and
descant on my own deformity,

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