Sunday, October 01, 2006

risking nothing, sure it’s flesh,
wait til you see, colour is nice,
a copy will do, still flush,
a national bohemian cap, here
we go again, could you rubber,
shade garden, black garden,
if you bump into one on the
street walrus, copy tally,
approximate dollar, like a
bird flying away, now it looks
punchy, an eye competition,
what’s wrong with drawing, are
you still present, imagine
facing, write more bolder ,
gapping down to the line,
nobody responds to these, what
can and what cannot be sold,
it all depends on how you think
of it, keep a few copies ahead,
the original is a copy too,
imagine war, designated for
death, you call yourself a
press, phul-nana, is this a
special one now, hat one ten,
supportage, oughta toner, total
lit bentspoon, how many words
for a nickle, whim voel, not
hispid, one hath, agenda gov,
imagine copies, every
laideur, film underpants,
brazilian handiwork,

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