Thursday, May 03, 2007

browntown, the penny arcade chicken, paraurethral sponge, skene’s gland, crurae, post-tasteful, a hilarious commentary on the essay, moss be mo’ bettah, health and environmentally conscious, elastomer, smallerize, the floating world, comprador, geminoid, household decision-makers, a contributing editor to harper’s, engorgement factor proteins, an effort to consolidate his hold, chillax, expedite cluster, consent to engage in high-risk, church concrete, par moss, clumb, eye have ways, scandalography, the changes in higher education, critics of the humanities and higher education, expanding machine civilization, different size brims on their hats, hook-and-eyers, rebaptizers, aphophasis, libido dominandi, bien-seance, interactionism, social confirmability, social heredity, the crisis of higher education, bien-pensant, parametric play of codes, transcendental signifier, the critics of higher education, an ideology-free education, confronting higher education, list servers, jack mennonites, antitechnological, having a senior moment, copy it and lay it to rest, copy it and lay it to rest, now you are here, really actually mail it, feels arbitrary, cognitive distortions, you are an emergency, the ape is extinct, the replication is the distribution, hendiadys, time push, a silent truth, change it, two we, the scratching stage, keep up with the variations, being one, am one, permanent fluctuations, friendsy, tony orlando and dawn amato, have you replicated this yet, ape-like behaviour, echolalia whale, still ape may, we have enough text to, mombuy,

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