Saturday, May 12, 2007

Your identity changes with your e-mail address, the ethersphere, nothing falls into place, ambient money, hard to escape the conclusion, concrete noun, peak oil, gleets, erection alarms, habitrail, L-arginine, penis cases, alprostidil, space monkey, sleeping mitts, gypsy cabs, lslncca, is it a dot or a non-dot, are we scanning today, mayo oyon, may fall, maxe, focus on what is not gone, lower left safe zone, the words continue to click into place, there’s not enuf difference to make a difference, dadazines, ephemeralization, fluxdivorce, the creation of a gallery that travelled under his hat, postal poetry, literary cognates, yearboxes, unobjects, event works, meta-form, on-sendings, concrete and idiosyncratic, and the beast goes on, humanism concerned with essentially, extra historical character, objet de luxe, enter the matrix, hell-bent, the worthless bit is the only bit, never actually scanned, this is the only evidence we existed, paperwork is expensive, the towers of the virgin, everything needs to be copied, total unsigned art, booby hatches, gwavity, vivograph, one day press, sher,

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