Saturday, May 05, 2007

Griend, Monday morning piss in a cup, the rite line, postage not for sale, pay and set up pay, non dot, break freak, bada, enuf with words already, fruit sticks, select nothing, facial issue, safe to spend, bifor, HH, mango tango, looking for someone to give to, refuse nothing, art oyster, network centric warfare, nothing to sign, soc, garl, expensive talk, in and out of the matrix, there’s only so much freedom to go around, slinorla, porn chic, impactful, manties, progressing towards disaster, impulse control disorder, suFISTicated, fuscia the wrestler, here today gone tomorrow back again the next day, say my name, how can tou forget already, a month of sausages, gale still, the hopes and dreams of the monster, zippy the what, why am I drawing a blank on this, unblank your mind, will we be getting thru, fourteen million to one, rose butter, flag down a taximeter, ah blank, this bit of paper is worth nothing, intake extake, long change, occopy, you’re always right for a change, tune out the important stuff, momba, make a piece of paper, hope or despair you choose, maybe I should quit writing this, what are we going to do next, dropping it all at the drop of a hat, we are standing by, all our friends are gone, spill us, the path of most resistance, too many days have gone by too many words have gone by, nuke the milk, maybe better write more, are we past the point of no return yet?, change the point of no return, ape rills, all we need is scissors, ape noon, one person’s emergency is another person’s ..., mum’s the word, ape gut, write this all out by hand, england coffee houses, psoralen, denazification, quand il miaule,

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