Saturday, August 01, 2009

"geol" & "wht"

green duster, what movie did
you see, the time of the mind
flies, green in judgment, your
parents made you fat, toner
being silent, the only telltale
sign, gyrum, penny henny,
the hyperboreal forest,
pataecology, cratch, a body
trance, handsel and, micropaper-
sculpture, pusillanimous or
pugnacious, the yule clog,
geol, is isolation reduced
by technology, the oil’s hands,
gone to croatan, huge christmas

wht, shammash, dolmen menhir
bijou, i went to your website
but it was gone, how did you
get the grand, nobody knew
at the time what was about
to happen, now it is worth
nothing, wouldn’t touch that
website with a ten foot pole,
pecado, when’s the last time
you saw a doctor, room for
error, uncoordinated masses,
doch-an-dorris, still level
list, could wear a hat in the
presence of the king and queen,

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