Sunday, August 02, 2009

"poetry is such an embarrassment"

koolatta, why not excess, going
back up north, sxy, flight trance,
did one ever turn up, tempted
to spend, machine secred, alacer,
that was before the lawsuit,
building with water, this is
the fact we were seeking, urgent
need for twenty grand, slam
words, forget what was the
meaning of this, the pieces of
fruit go by, on first reaching
out into the network,
amerorchis, girraffe, why we
never, did you have a plan
to do with this, mc eye, rej,

do you want the details, these
words are not selling nothing, drop
the golden dragon, replica
slipper, moy moy, this looks
like a priddle, poetry is
such an embarrassment, you
better not be spending,
paddle to the sea, metatrance,
your hand is changing, if
nothing, i don’t want any
free gifts, ros, put the
stamp where the postmark is,
letters rising, always already
looking north, plop log,

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