Saturday, August 01, 2009

"postfractal" & "negligibles"

postfractal, moriz, silophone,
ghttp, see be being, there is an
actual phenomenon, community
networks, bplack, seeking instead
a simple life, what were you
trying to draw, mens rea son,
fustis, emergency copy, get fat
and stay fat, please don’t call
me donald, screen printing,
insexts, hyperattention, gigayear
nanoyear, attention supersurfeit,
postal last op, whad did you
do with the envelope, caro,
thursday at ten, a jug of
love, reliure, parallelopiper,

flip over flop, two for one,
north of inhibition, tylenol
bubblegum, one who saps the
life or power of another,
boggler: easily startled juggler,
i was wondering if i could be
an artist, someone who collects
such negligibles, wooden form
like a head for shaping a hat,
penk, there is zilch to be
done, wet transfer, you are
falling, blines of text,
related to fundament, but
a drug nonetheless, bumbast,


Anonymous said...

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Antony Kamau said...

Fractal reminds me of space, and sci-fi of which I am a junkie.

I like your style, may it inspire even more.