Sunday, October 17, 2010

"la grande gidouille"

do you see how the document works,
a swan lager cap, high-wire art
historian, grunched, ceramic poetry,
a free supply of concrete, jomos,
hallucinogenic mold, an atrocity
artist, project art, art by
telephone, anartist, kwik-kopy,
the meanest man in new york,
four men carried concrete,
a cluster of broadcasting
stations, champs hotel employees,
wooden mail, we started reading
the book from the wrong end,
doc forward, plenty of other
voices you could be attending
to, the nothing continues to
happen, poetry is not an
improvement, cornegidouille,
grondle, ironic faceloss, keep
it material, la grande gidouille,
le mombril du monde, photocopy
an already photocopied piece
of paper, what is the meaning
of entropy, toppling texts,
toner under the microscope, what
is the source of the blot, let’s
roll them bones, as far as
today’s day goes, your name is
death, blank is our only hope,
offliners’ conference, ego
burble, hammering imp,
achiote, doceat, wreck art,

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