Saturday, July 06, 2013

"minding the net"

minding the net, domoic acid,
inyección intrapiernosa, to
sugarglide, pornowork, asschrome,
tractorcade, arkansaw credit
card, tyrannosaurus sex,
minneola tangelo, yoclg
cluster, saget, khurbn, catch
pennies on the street corner,
shrift, behavioural economics,
the striving class, primus inter
pares, write-prints, knowledge
workers, asam trees, jumped the
shark, once you lose those
details, strikethrough nonsense,
social diagram, ecomog poetry,
bury them and keep quiet, use
some painting as the frame,
throw it up on the wall, i
thot we were gonna hang on
to this one, emits showers of
sparks, ploop of milk, please
write on this sheet, we’re
walking and, moistuesday,
i wanted to give you something,
the mad exicutioners,
always already long gone,
the day you had the real
thing, oh brother mailart,

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