Thursday, July 04, 2013


every change occurs musically
over generations, parapraxis,
rossing uranium, globally
unique identifier, zef,
kmabyoyo, there are unused
icons on your desktop, difrutar,
autopoke, outplacement, your
cashier today was you, ssw
cluster, slit cluster, wishing
on porn stars, ploop!, fake icons,
kmagyoyo, green fruit, spins
on ground, emits showers of
sparks, city year, destroy!,
that’s the guy!, the process
church, i’m rambling, cluster
of chili peppers, choking
sitar, wrong mixed paint,
grumpet, autocolours,
peoples coke, ketchup cavern,
offensive orange, futility
futurity, looks like there
was some writing on the
back, pot reasoning, daily
work of poetry, 

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