Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hand stitch, hand held,
still owe, black ether,
autochtones, real louis,
safe cow, empty house,
we are already gone,
what is it to read, a
word dropped, sev mumra,
pirated in the canada,
e-gap, no boxcutters,
open en box, edge crush,
fire in the rye, lucid
trance in progress,
smurfit, bursting test,
point zero zero zero,
mullen test, ten reams,
kristov, uniform freight,
twelve years aged,
diagram only, rotisserie
or rotissoire, impact
resistant bumpers, wide
mouth mason jars, coat
of arms, food grade
mineral oil, vertical
compression, space is
money, distribution
repack, edge crush test,
la scala spumante,
the bat device, royal
white dessert, lithotech,
ham beach, min comb
wt facings, deterior
ex, pocatello strategy,
bulk nature, fifteen
dozen, ant town,

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