Monday, September 04, 2006

famines or feasts, what does the
giant say, vulnerable information,
let’s keep working this text,
imagine the colours, you can
hardly see the pornography
anymore, the nothing sign, forget
your own name, imaginary enemy,
text literature book, new glue,
all your time is spoken for,
nothing is ever really, the
pattern is changing, forget
reality, the one order, paranoid
horse, imaginary war, nothing
expires, lost a little light,
pink turns to black, we one
become two, beyond my humble
range, fifty dollars worth
of meat, credit card trance,
criadillas, linear bee line,
temari, a hat-trick of honours,
the king of the freaks, canoe
paper, the science of the
concrete, graquinaceas,
metatarsils, clumps n clustrs,
cars for an escutcheon’s
hypotenuse, orange limb lice,
the longer your spoon, trace
the breadclip, blogosphere,
the underground media
revolution, dirt research,

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