Saturday, September 16, 2006

free here, tax exempt, other-
serve, the weight of the
paper, the difference a
line makes, here in the
hat, empty hand, a place
in the sun, celeb you, the
final blank, i am, read
the trance, van hat, ok! ,
loz, the empty, hand pick,
we us, move to still, long
double o, the trim downs,
scissor marks, line on line,
copyright hit, eye-lerons,
bend this flap down, e-
for, one-for, glue rip,
moon disk, doctor zenzen,
trim line, east of coal
harbour, the blank face,
goetic crackers, penny
prophet, still work,
the fold songs, zapped
out, stomped out, puked
out, egypt-pics, still
village, supergive, truth
story, still perceptions,
a dollars worth of lit,
word theft, swearword
for title, read the
whole rig, switch hands,
eye to eye, memorize
this phrase, time
blackened, the send
and the, fat seconds,
bushperson, ear relev,

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