Thursday, September 14, 2006

a beer can, three hundred beer
cans, linoleum type, o nil,
wrecked oh verse oh, repair
the repairs, ballsleep, trance
portal, seventy-seven cents,
the little plums, and the
meaning is, still of, concrete
universal, nonmodernism,
concrete possibility, to cont,
how did you get up there,
the mere real, need the
seed, lot number, the third
biggest city in the world,
western eyeballs, in the
rainforest, where the hate
came in, rea, the chinese
character for golf, groly,
failing to maintain, let
yourself know, specimen,
thicker, real art, eye
brother, the biggest city
of south hemisphere, water
city, gooey pages, we walk
graph, moss saint, graf
system, before the flood
but after the, bad graf,
permanent record books,
up in the tree, a perfect
moment in time, we work
graph, the art of washing
dishes, life we missed
out on, solid metal art,
plurigraf ruins, go
pill, groly, all greek,
mossy tits, brass bubs,
rare fruit stickers,
doctor graf, fold jive,

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