Sunday, March 30, 2008

an imaginary line, the study of
wings, the cost of hockey, font
memory, is the ink water soluble,
art is more important than, time
is the great physician, and the
beat goes on, taking five years
to dry, hosts community events,
a critical illness rider, that
bad smell is coming off your
face, liked to wear strange
hats, eye saw your work on a
blog, canadian postal codes,
clusterphobia, pink collar, the
paper chain, omphalmos, eyes
closed or half, cantalope
my head exploded, orange
chicken, pink is the navy blue
of india, art spectroscopy, all
you need to know, radical
faeries, love and what it is,
schierling, revisite, the rolls
royce of cars, guess identity,
time puzzle, practice doing
without time, the directions
are in flux, cross wits,
anxious proportion, feels
like rubber, the days of the
week in every language,
anagrammar, gmx, hat super,
bright idea unrealized,
follow thru on this, these
people during war,

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