Sunday, March 30, 2008

garanoid, prepare to let go or
destroy, indication of age,
random head, maybe another eye,
info destruction, always already
copied, feel free to alter, not
supposed to show thru, the cure
for shadowlines, do not tonerize,
losing what's already lost, ongo,
nothing goes thru peoples head,
trench love, rubberstamp text,
closing in on the opening, what
every method, various machines,
perfect enuf, serial text, for the
love of rubber, supertrunch, bid
amo, capitalism is a way to
control greed, frog profile,
total lit baby, let the copy
reveal, cupere, bznznzs, klggs,
nothing got forgot, draining
the universe, a note for memory,
cold bile, metamorphosis of
the eye, photo-original, effort
to cut home consumption,
embraces a hard core, blaze
orange, mailing an other dime,
whit is this shit on the paper,
three puttonyos, noble rot, a
kiralyok bora, a borok kiralya,
glued itself back together,
horses' birthday,

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