Friday, March 28, 2008

andrewrileyclark 88arc88 revises one


theology for four nanas, leaf
teapots, think "stet", wall
bemused, vie deus key, king loot
that ex-, pleasurable old, no
arena freeze to start, look same a
female, putty or flint is then
look flesh, lob with pickup truck
floozies, thaw dominoes grant
heavy toys, in languished ease,
hose scabbard hose, swan
aviary sequester, "stet" again
libations, no toot no shroud
a shack quiche, Obediah for
pitchfork, supple, theorize
tarmac smack closely, he
ails draconian, lightnings
of writhing, collect carpenter
on servant lives, funnel box, to
mine any format, shaming orb
pen and thistle, restaurant
nap, grease and ankle, that
those thin ghee reforms, with
battery, the eye we made can't
top reject, hand to mouth flies
overweight, idol thick as shit
it relays wiring, occult their
crate, graph wiring, to every
wait a bauble, tissue suburb
on a mode, sheer poultry gap,
this issue, throne own thrall
for fate, rattle hand who
rattle saw no one, add type
and reflect, there is someone,

ARC revises this one: here

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