Monday, March 24, 2008

the order of your names, feel
free to post, test the ink, will
be usu, video hockey, looking at
the text, measure or fold, an
area free of art, books are made
of mail, put yourself in the
bookshelf, blow it back up to
full size, what does the giant
have to say, in english please,
whose books are whose, answer
to every question, against
libraries, not too proud to
cash a cheque, on a diet of
birch bark, pullus, use the
term crackers loosely, the
daily canadian, fighting is
everything, elect the harper
conservative, fennec fox, too
windy for a hat, blowing his
penny whistle, rest our ante
up, please hand cancel, what
this thing here is for, math
poetry, the image you want
to project, had to modify
your work, i don't think this
is really writing, cut to the
trace, fingerwriting, not very
water soluble, is this a blurb
or a poem, here's your price tag,
is this you, the one two three
four of it, the art and how
the art was done, abtypen
und spiegeln, here is the one,

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