Thursday, September 17, 2009

"poetry is so embarrasing" [sic]

half the text is missing,
a quarter of the text is
missing, how many copies
before you have an issue,
semi-aridite, imppish, poetry
is so embarrasing, for
valentines day i gave you
a dollar, now i’ve only got
seventy-eight cents in my bank
account, a little phrase
that came to you out of the
blue, all lines say discipline,
e.x.p.e.r.i.m.e.n.t., back when you,

throw yourself into the ocean,
links sausage to golf, phrase
has been removed, greenmail
dot, transissue, we need some
grub, thirteen thirty-one,
stationary in quotation marks,
saint ymie, wisantigo, when we
were four, you had a chance
to write a memo, saint
ernutation, where did you get
the twenty bucks from, in
and out of the machine,
when did you first begin
making marks on paper,

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