Friday, July 31, 2009

"ratava" & "borusuna"

before the invention of the
sextant, mailing shit, sitting
on the moss, the level seems to
be rising backward, recursive
movies, rotfl, ratava, irawaddy,
trance canopy, arcpo, couloir
coulee, dedekind, gladuate,
back when dreamlife was
happening, concilium, friƧon,
text gloms onto, a dot c dot
ross, unknown hypertext,
brain event, you can’t buy
lips can you, fable of the
bees, a beer won’t kill you,

mzzolz, bone know beau, before
she became free, back when you
had an actual place, bonus lamb,
lay kite, enormous bottles of
fabulous content, typetics is,
your task for the day is, tag
reck, shoppersfood, sesame snaps
made in, the heart is off kilter,
you’re soaking in it, borusuna,
and how did you go about
paying it, total eros, i eye i,
comportare, video up, classic
rest and relaxation, intertan,
if you could only forget the
source, tighten clamp, kunnen,

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