Monday, September 23, 2013

"brumal sleep"

eating burgers in an alley,
brumal sleep, perine strain,
thrives on human disconnection,
san-j tamari, yamasa, hrt, the
ethical slut, corinna in english
hasofferett, cluster source,
how do you intend to survive,
january thirteen, see the little
indication, sexualwissenschaft,
liminalised, creative content
developer, large-scale online
properties, one distros, racar,
return these empties to the
bank, blackhand mafia, a
riding habit, parlor wrapper,
put her against hop, collar-
and-elbow variety show, the
buck and wing dance, not
supposed to notice, collage
on manuscript, all your
insane ideas, biocapturism,
villégiaturer, suagrenues,
bridgefries, griffin’s paradox,
marshall’s demand analysis,
mu mit may bay, kind of a
blurry copy, this is the real
thing, this is just a copy,
gar seventy-one, spot the
blue, original holes,

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