Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"dipping candles at kutztown"

canada to evacuate hundreds,
the disneyland molasses, maté,
phallunatic, münchausen syndrome,
victor hara, anas marecula,
ectrotte, rubberist, what if
we don’t want the heart on it,
amor vincit omnia, fucked up
or/and deranged, look for
important information inside,
a naughty kitten, moth girl,
a pusillanimous person fears
to undertake any action of
importance, pre-treatment of
the specimen, another lovely
wad, azura, nothing insignificant
about a girl in a cage,
dipping candles at kutztown,
who’s hand, cineteca, adze
and padze, size and proximity,
avanguardia, don’t bring
the weak at bay!, against
the construction, curious
one, gemelli, cleomenes,
mushotoku, satellite
astronomico agile dell’asi,
cernjul viviana,
anconcagua mendoza,

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