Sunday, September 29, 2013


ganking, lankavatara, haute
culture exhibition, xenothrix,
elementary halloween carnival,
skint, million cluster bombs,
uxos, zu krank, duvel,
moortgat, special collage glue,
duuel, ross priddle the proof,
beer cluster, schawk, gravure
choquet, is this long hair part
of the painting or not, it’s
active?, suntan valley, the
extras are for redistribution,
a cluster of words, the
concrete noun, a macro-noun,
a cluster of nouns, got my
eye in, foliage cluster,
elm cluster, environmental
text, the history of every
child, black treacle poured
on perspex sheets, the comma
, are you making special
marks, we are closing in on
the blank, a particular
field of image clusters,
forever captured, it’s a
pile of rubble, stasis
static, quality of light,
magical moment,

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