Wednesday, September 25, 2013


a concrete inversion of life,
rainbow pussy, acumensch,
liquid ass, papa glock baby glock,
subspamming, cannonball summer,
fee half half fee, hmt cbo b
cluster, sunnyside cluster,
which one’s noelle, higher and
lower archies, frag lie, poetry
leaks, there is no original,
the brick deck, burlesque
rated parental guidance
thirteen, how old were you in
sixty-four, light in drain-
hole, fish finger phallus,
plastimount, maakies, unit
of fresh, strange earnings,
goo goo peanut butter,
lesser known neutrinos, you
have been counted amongst
the snoozers, it looks like a
waste of perfectly good
oranges, i’m the middleman
in a great communication
network, let’s turn that
little shed into a, anything
may be included, mountain
yeller, commissioned to
design postage stamps,

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