Friday, April 04, 2008

the moment of the paper, not
very black, an imaginary line,
okay sports fans, still heavy,
you are getting the full picture,
canard dada, somint, standard
folding, gold as a constant
companion, communicated
insanity, avant-garbage, the
shadow lines, sing dao, micro
chipped puppies, talking to the
stone wall, no noise city,
purporting to be, trash book,
it's the thing alright, judge
by the faces, could be anyone,
could maybe be, could see it as,
might have been, taste nada,
a hair of the thing itself,
the eye of the lion, animal
spirit, make a million books,
not really seeing it, imagine
the rest, noominy, chaos we,
just the headlines, ad for
what, the way we were, shang,
brilliand polka dots, our
nothing, contextify, what's
happening back there, who all?,
equal eyes, needle in the head,
trance act, doom looms, knew a
libra once, bhuddha thot,

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