Monday, December 25, 2006

mixamox, ready aime, there will
be no succor, standing order on
its head, ham and milk, leachate,
meropia, egusi, one of the better
ones for a hat stand, each
holding a card, the aspergers
liberation front, change is
invigorating again, one payend,
people clustered in city-states,
komagata maru, now it is more
than a copy, potluck university,
yes there is errors, did you go
swimming, jim bean, its face a
great blank, two successive copies
of the same thought, passage, the
harlequin the charming early,
disparite du fond, opaque
similarity, what with the blank
and all, there’s money in war
none in art, mere sleeping, the
zen gaze, recycle your life,
risking everything,

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