Monday, December 25, 2006

entel, eternity: high cost of, dort,
openclusters, blueapple, the poros
age grade cults, put it in the
spawning dish, pen pall, selfmade
things, einheitskultur, higher
education and the crisis, never
could get it write, pink on pink,
blob of toner on the text, stupa,
the demolition of the individual,
proletarian consciousness, a curved
concrete ridge, euphoria longana,
hecatomb, a cluster of tight,
square concrete, concrete water,
our principal reality, pop it up,
crimes crimes crimes, isreality,
we are still communicating,
enough revolution, culture is
power, springs directly from the
poet’s bowels, poeme simultane,
cut off each other’s supplies
of vital fluid, the plain of jars,
bombies, render harmless
procedures, our secret war,
cicciolina, alone a cyclist in
a pink hat bucks the tide,

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