Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the work we have to do to do the
work, who’s coming to your town,
blank house, speak to sentence,
swear or lay a private information,
a carbon copy of real life, the
permanent married quarters,
vichnaia pam’’iat’, the lion shall
eat straw like the ox, sura, blank
post, specially shaped hole,
deathware, threatens your
existence fun, when you were in
grade four, enter into the city,
beheaded how many wives, gala
id, watch the disclaimer, only
women hurt, anthracnose
candlestick, aren’t you a little
old to be back at home, structure
to society, the law of the family,
lis pendens, the mareva
injunction, jeff will get the
cabin, ex parte, making an
election, speak to your release,
e-corvid, feelings of self-wrath,
perverse devent, a third party
is a third party, rialroad, thee
counts, ethno-centric privilege,
the language of the blues,
my white audience, my black
audience, bitten to death by
mosquitoes, national
consciousness, poet slash criminal,
a worm or snail of which only
this trace remains, mumaddada,
the self-subsistent, kafir, what’s
with all the caps, the squeam
factor, detoxification drugs,

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