Friday, December 29, 2006

the fruit bowl fluctuations, wos,
reading about war, hilum, a hup
a' chee her eys, annie lawrie
promises, the extent of the velcro,
phrenomagnetism, metallic
tractors, solution no solution,
british petroleum, cylinders
of concrete, concrete blocks,
superblank, blank glass, a
perfect skull, skull kiss,
cheesey reality, serrated
willow, kept it's yellow, mar
this, blank for all to see,
make out the words, what's
going on in this text, write
about ink, violins on the brain,
being here or being there, sub
yourself in, postcards of the
war, no synapses firing, hoping
for no response, no we were
hoping, home in quotation
marks, road ink, zen eye,
rubber rocks, never know by
looking, never notice the
rejection, nothing to do with
where we are, find yourself
a home, sun dead eye, we don't
have television cable, pork,
prepost, who's doing what,
knock and knock again, waiting
for nothing, the events of
the day, resip, vack cum, a
non-event day, this could be
shot into space, copied whole,
violence close up, poetic
momentum, then quit, exsip,
beer galore, drinking sports,

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