Wednesday, December 27, 2006

wind blowing across page,
scorpion weather, power
site, yhx, high carbon, bone
bed, strome, destroyed
paper, problem elbow,
eighty-six decibels,
scorpionweed, racind,
slippery pen, sunbake,
alphabet-land, surround
map, sun on, shadow
culture, fucket,
nonlinear lines,
plastic reaction,
go git, zen ven,
all gum, birdtail
grass, not writing:
killing time, sun
beating on page,
scambling, outfacing,
years after the
fact, stickey pen,
grasshopper's coating
the highway, more
than one route,
the pen is glued
to the finger,
remember ebb me
murmer, goo pen,

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